4 Life Lessons to Take to the Poker Table

4 Life Lessons to Take to the Poker Table

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Poker, like life, can be a fascinating game. It is not just mindless gambling in the casino and takes great skill.  What may be surprising is that your life experiences may have already equipped you with the skills that will help you find success. With so many similarities life can teach you a lot about poker.

Are you planning on visiting a casino soon and want to give poker a shot? Maybe you may already have a few of these four qualities to take to the poker table.

The Ability to Read People

Are you a people person and always seem to be able to just “get” others? This a great skill to have in life but also in the game of poker, although most of the time poker is about the luck of the draw. It isn’t always strictly about the hand you are dealt.  Watch the other players and read their body language.  Note how they react to different situations.  If the woman sitting next to you gets fidgety when she has a losing hand, but smugly drinks if she has a winning hand, keep that in mind.  You should also remind yourself that others are trying to read you too.  Try to maintain consistent facial expressions and body language no matter what hand you are dealt. The human element is an undeniable factor which is why your ability to read people is a great asset for success at the poker table.

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Strong Goal-Setting Skills

A person that is good at setting goals and knows when to keep going or that it is time to fold has a great strength.  Those that excel at poker are typically great at setting realistic goals that become habitual.  If you are skilled at weighing the pros and cons in situations, you can use this when it comes to your card game.  You need to think about not only your hand but also what your opponents’ cards may be.  You will want to always weigh your risks when playing poker.  Poker requires you to good at throwing in the towel when it is time.  Just don’t forget that sometimes taking a risk can result in a big payoff!

Good Control over Your Emotions

Do you have a knack for keeping your emotions in check?  The ability to act rationally could be one of the handiest traits to possess at the poker table.  Poker is all about keeping cool under pressure and obtaining a “game face.”  Maintaining good posture and neutral facial expressions are vital when playing poker as all players are always accessing the others. Bring that cool attitude and confidence to the poker table and it could help you win big.  

Mathematically Competent

Have you always been good with numbers and math?  It turns out that your strength with numbers can really help you with poker. When you sit down at that poker table, it can sometimes be intimidating.  It is said how you handle your chips can show how experienced you are.  If you can quickly count and stack your chips right off the bat, you will look like a seasoned card player.  Don’t blow your cover – use your math skills to your advantage.

What can life can teach you about poker? As it turns out, a lot. Keep your wits about you, even if you are a beginner, and you’ll see greater success in this game where chance meets skill.


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