Best Deals for Buying High-Quality Poker Chips

Best Deals for Buying High-Quality Poker Chips

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Poker chips are something that amazes every poker player across the world. The feeling of holding a poker chip on your hand, running your fingers on its edges, and slamming it on the table for a rise is something that you don’t get while playing 99 poker online. You would have played with plastic poker chips as kids, but today a wide variety of poker chips have taken over the gambling market.

The all-time inexpensive plastic poker chips

You would have played poker with your friends and family at home, using some plastic poker chips. May be it was years ago when you were a kid, but the plastic chips haven’t gone out of the markets. If you’d like to play the nostalgic old poker games with your family and make it a memorable occasion, then plastic chips is the best choice.

These plastic chips are inexpensive, and they’ll last for a very long time. A set of 300 poker chips and 2 decks of cards will cost approximately around $15 to $20. If you go for a pack of 500 poker chips then the cost would be around $27.5 to $35 only. Clearly, this is the best deal you can strike with for buying some poker chips.

The unique clay and composite chips

Are you intimidated by the heavier set of 99 poker chips that they have on casinos? Well, they aren’t from plant mars; you can buy them for yourselves. You’ll have to spend some extra dollar bills on buying clay chips and composite poker chips. They come in different weights, ranging from 7.5 grams to 13.5 grams and the cost varies with the weight.

Heavier chips cost higher, but they provide better playing experience and sound better when dropped on the table or clicked against each other. Depending on your personal taste you can go buy the desired weighing chips for your poker games.

Check out the design options

The poker chips come in different colors and the color codes have different values to it. Clay and composite poker chips come with imprinted patterns and in two-color, and three-color ranges. Two-color chips are the ones that you usually find on casinos and live poker tournaments. Three-color poker chips are excellent to handle, but are costlier than the other types of chips.

Compounded poker chips come in a variety of designs, like suited chips that has four card suits imprinted on them, the diamond chips with imprinted diamond carvings, and the dice that has each side of a dice around the chip. The dice pattern is usually preferred because the edges of the chips are carved with the sides of the dice.

Some 99 poker chips also come in exclusive designs and patterns. Each model of chips will have some significant difference, and if you take some time and browse through the stores you’ll find the perfect one for your poker gaming.

How many chips would you need?

Generally, 99 poker chips come in sets of 300 chips and 500 chips. A set of 1000 chips are also available, other size sets that you can find in plastic chips are 200,400,650, and 700. You can buy these chips based on your personal preference, and choose to buy them as whole sets or by pieces. Again, the number of chips you would need depends on the number of players in a game.

If you’re playing a game of Texas hold’em with 4 to 5 players then a set containing 300 poker chips would be enough. A minimum of 40 chips would be required for each player; if it’s going to be a very long game 50 chips would be needed. Online 99 poker games don’t have any limited number of chips, they use innumerable chips to keep the games running.

Make it affordable

You can’t just use a few dollars for buying some good quality poker chips. If your primary concern is the price, you can very well choose to buy some inexpensive plastic chips. They are available in almost all game shops and super markets.

One good thing about buying a full set of chips is that you get some additional items, like one or two new deck of playing cards, a carrying case for the entire kit, and sometimes you might even get a dealer button. A set of 300 composite poker chips of 11.5 grams will cost your around $75 to $100, depending on the style. Make sure you buy the best poker chips without burning a hole in your pocker!

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