Can You Cheat an Aristocrat Slot Machine Online or Off?

Can You Cheat an Aristocrat Slot Machine Online or Off?

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In this article, we compile all of the Aristocrat pokie cheats the casinos don’t want you to know. You should note that if you’re looking for physical ways to cheat slot machines, this is the wrong place. Those old tricks of putting a coin on a string and yanking it out, or producing fake chips by shaving down the edges of one-cent coins, just don’t work anymore. Casinos have wised up to every technique used by dishonest gamblers and trying one of these strategies is liable to land you a beating at best and a lengthy jail term at worst. When we talk about Aristocrat pokies online and the veritable array of (non existent) “cheats”, we’re really talking about secret tips that have been tried and tested and shown to increase your chances of winning. Here are the best “cheats” and “hacks” that might not reprogram the machine for you but will certainly increase your odds of winning and having a bloody good time. All of these hacks, hints and tips are trialled and tested by us and some are actually deadest helpful tips relevant to Aristocrat’s most popular titles.

1. More Chilli – Using Wilds for Crazy Multipliers

The wild symbol on the More Chilli pokie is the moneybags symbol, and the choice of symbol could not be more apt, because wild symbols in More Chilli really do unlock fortunes beyond your wildest dreams. Landing three moneybags nets you a bet multiplier of up to 400x. The wilds are a lot more common when you bet at least 30 credits, since that gets you 15 as opposed to 12 free games, and wilds pop up all the time in free games. Even seasoned More Chilli players don’t know about the crazy multipliers a wild can trigger, making this one of our top Aristocrat pokie cheats.

2. Queen of the Nile – Picking the Right Free Spin/Multiplier Ratio

Queen of the Nile’s bonus sequence offers players more free spin/bet multiplier combinations than most pokies out there. That can be a bad or good thing, depending on how many Aristocrat pokie cheats you know. You can choose from 5 spins at 10x, 10 spins at 5x, 15 spins at 3x or 20 spins at 2x. Which should you go for? Well, our experience reveals that you’re really a lot less likely to nab a jackpot on a free spin. This means that free spins aren’t terribly useful to you. The 10x bet multipliers ensures that on the rare occasion a jackpot does come along, your pockets will be overflowing with chips. That’s why, for our money, the 5 spin or 10 spin combos are the way to go.

3. 50 Dragons Pokies – Not to be Confused with Aristocrat’s 5 Dragons

There’s one key difference between 50 Dragons and the original Aristocrat Chinese-themed pokie, 5 Dragons. Nope, it’s not the number of paylines (though the former does have 50 paylines compared to the latter’s five). It’s the fact that only in 50 Dragons does the number of wilds and Dragon symbols increase with every spin. This means that by the end of your free spin session, a win is virtually guaranteed – you still get a full payout even if your entire winning combination consists of wilds! How’s that for an Aristocrat pokie cheat?

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