Football BettingTips 

Football BettingTips 

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Iforbet is becoming increasingly popular in the world.  With the advent of increased football spending and marketing revenues football clubs receive; overall there is a larger focus of betting companies in the industry.  When you look at most teams in the Premier League for example, sports betting sponsorship makes up a huge proportion of overall advertisement in games.

Football Betting Tips

When deciding to take a punt in football and risk your money on the line, there are a couple of basic tips you need to know about.  Firstly, you should know that bookies such as Ladbrokes tend to make about 70% of their profit from people betting on wins and losses.  Every time there is a draw, the betting company basically earns all its money.  Thus, the first basic point I give you is to focus on betting for draws.  These tend to yield fantastic value for most games – after all a draw is just as likely as anything else, and there’s also the fact someone needs to score a goal during some point of the match to prevent a 0-0 draw.

Another important tip is to avoid the mug’s bet.  These generally include betting on a correct score.  The actual chances and probability of guessing the correct score nowhere near match up to the odds a sport book will offer you.  Imagine you think there will be 3 or less goals in a game, this means there are 10 different score line possibilities.  When a bookie offers you odds of 7:1, you can palpably see that you’d need at LEAST 10:1 to break even if it was certain there could be no more than 3 goals in the games (of course this isn’t the case, which makes the odds even more worse!).

Lastly, look for value bets when you’re deciding to risk your money.  These are when the bookie miscalculates the odds of something happening – and the realistic probability of an event occuring more than beats the mathematical odds placed to your by the book keeper.  Other important principles in football betting include studying past performances, stats, and previous fixtures and outcomes between the two teams.

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