How to Find Reputable Online Casinos

How to Find Reputable Online Casinos

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Trying to find a legitimately good, highly trusted and reputable online casino is like trying to find a needle in a haystack – except that the needle is screaming at you to “Trust Me” and “Try me now!”

Sifting through the bullshit therefore is not only unpleasant it’s also rather stinky and something we’d all rather avoid doing. There are certainly hundreds, if not thousands of online all claiming to be “The Best Online Casino” but taking their word for it is, well it’s pretty bloody stupid isn’t it.

What then should we look to when assessing the best (and worst) online casinos? What elements make up a good online casino and how do we know if the one we are looking at fits the bill. Basically I guess what we’re asking is, “How do we go about testing if these online casinos are foolproof?”

I’ve had a look into what I believe are unique factors in determining where exactly the best online gambling experiences can be found and more importantly, which online casinos really are the most reputable and trusted online casinos.

A little digging can go a long way; I’ve not only improved my online casino gameplay, but my winnings have significantly increased as well.

I trust these points below will guide you to make an informed decision on where to play and what to look out for before clicking that sign up button.Image result for How to Find Reputable Online Casinos

  • Online Casino Software – It’s Not a Hard Decision

If it’s not Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT (wagerworks), Playtech, Amaya, Cryptologic, BetSoft, Real Time Gaming (RTG) and other gaming suppliers, then 10 to 1 you’ve stumbled upon a proprietary software brand.  When it comes to reliability and trustworthiness it is these players like Microgaming who only reinforce this trust and add to the positive reputation of the casino in question.

Most online casinos will opt for one or more of the above software providers or even develop their own games, but this doesn’t guarantee that they’re 100% reputable.  It does however provide as much of a guarantee as you’ll likely ever get from online casinos hosting free and real money pokies and slots online

  • Reputation Can’t Be Bought – Who’s Earned The Best?

Many online casinos claim to be trustworthy, but we as players are not certain of this until we receive our first few withdrawals. Like any relationship or marriage, we need the proof if we’ve been hurt in the past. What’s stopping any online operation from halting payouts? Luckily for us, there are regulatory bodies that ensure the operations at online casinos are legitimate such as eCogra for example. They monitor, assess and enforce strict rules when players are to be paid out as well as making sure that their “seal of trust” is visibly displayed at online casinos.  If the online casino in question does not display badges from eCogra or any of the legitimate eGaming regulators then its quite simple – stay far far away!

  • Money Money Money! – Financials Are Important

The credibility of an online casino finance system can be described in four words. Money in, money out.  While this may sound simple, it may be frustrating to not know the ins and outs of how any particular online casino payment system works. Generally, we want to look at what deposit methods are available and how quick the casino processes payments. Then on a different note, we want to check whether the payments will reflect in 24, 36, 48 or 72 hours.  Of course we’re opting for quick payouts which are dependent on the method of payment. Take a look at how many deposit and withdrawal options are to your avail.

  • Paperwork – Because the Print Really isn’t Fine

The fine print of many online casinos and gambling websites are there to protect the casino and not the player. Usually however these terms usually cover payouts and processes for collecting your no deposit casino bonuses or new player incentives. Our advice however is to read them thoroughly. No really!

  • License and Registration Please Sir.

Finding a reputable online casino in your specific territory can be daunting as it is, yet we find that these casinos are licensed and registered within other locations. These registrations usually take place within exotic regions such as the Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar, Costa Rica and so forth. Why don’t casino operators register locally? Well, for one there are tax implications that online casinos have to fork out to regulatory boards. These regulatory parties are quite smart; they tax, oversee operations and ensure casino operators are on their best behavior. So, if you spot an online casino licensed and registered in a space where gambling is regulated, you should know you’re in safe hands.


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