How To Play Strip Poker Online?

How To Play Strip Poker Online?

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Strip poker is one of the most popular and favorites among poker enthusiast. Most of the time, this idea is given a pass because half of the people are not aware of the rules or how to do it. It is not only scintillating but also exciting in its own measure. The game is one of the most interesting casino games invented, and if you are playing agen Bandarq Terpercaya, you are in for nothing but a treat.

You can pick any variation of poker game for strip poker for it doesn’t matter which format you are trying. However, the draw five or similar games are pretty popular ones. It could get kinky to some measure, but it is always recommended that you know the rules beforehand. Most of the times people count jewelry, watches and even glasses are clothing items. Let’s tell you; it doesn’t!

The number of clothing item per person can be kept limited to 5 for various reasons. Decide on something which is fair and do-able. There are different kinds of strip poker in general. It could be a slow paced, medium paced or a quick one. Decide which one you want to pick and go ahead with the game.

A quick version is simple. You have five cards and players show the cards in their hands. The one with the best hand wins and does not take any clothes off, while the others do. The one who ends up being naked is the loser of the game. Simple, isn’t?

A medium paced poker game is simple. Here the player who has the worst hand only takes the clothing off. The player who gets naked the fastest is the loser. For a slower version, it could get a little tricky because you throw in a lot of variations.

In case the player wants to continue to play the game, they need to bet on clothing item before they throw those chips on the table. If you are good at the game, it can take a while for the players before they start stripping. Things may seem simple, but you need to observe them deeply.

You could make it even more interesting by throwing in a truth or dare game. Have a few daring people in the house you are upbeat and can deal with such a crucial scene. Great food, good music, the great company can make people relaxed, and that is what you should be aiming at.  These games are tricky, and you should use your smartness while playing and managing them.

Expert Tip: lose your inhibitions and wear great underwear!

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding strip poker online.

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