Improve Your Chances of a Jackpot With These Winning Tips

Improve Your Chances of a Jackpot With These Winning Tips

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Learning how to win pokies jackpot can take months or even years for some of the more difficult pokies out there. Every pokie has an ideal strategy tailor-made to its betting structure, bonus sequence, and pay-out percentages. But while there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all, sure-win strategy when it comes to slot games, there are certain tips that are of universal application and will go a long way towards helping you land a big jackpot. Here is some general advice on how to win the jackpot when playing online pokies.

Examine the Bet-Win Ratio

The Bet-Win ratio is one of the most crucial statistics when selecting a slot game. Many slot games adopt a pyramidal structure where the bet-win ratio is concerned, meaning that when you bet more, the size of your win relative to your wager will increase exponentially. A simple example would be the Love Potion slot game. If you make a single wager, the machine gives you 10 credits, but if you make two bets, you’ll land 50 credits when you win. Four bets will land you 1000 credits.Image result for Improve Your Chances of a Jackpot With These Winning Tips

When you have this pyramidal structure, you’re better off making the maximum bet, because the size of your bet doesn’t actually affect your chances of winning – the odds of landing a winning combination is the same whether you place one, four or ten bets – but it does affect the size of your win. When the jackpot does come around, it’ll be exponentially larger, making up for the money lost along the way. That’s how to win pokies jackpot!

Make Careful Notes of Wins and Losses

Casinos like to trick players into thinking they’re winning even when they’re not. Ever noticed how when you win on just one payline, the whole machine lights up as if you’ve won the lottery? It’s a convenient way to distract you from the fact that you’ve lost on 9 other paylines, and keep you playing way past your comfort zone. Learning how to win pokies jackpot is a long-term game. Make sure you bet carefully and make your bankroll last.

Slow Down Your Spin Rate

Contrary to popular belief, hitting spin as fast as you can doesn’t mean you’re more likely to win. You’re better off thinking carefully about your strategy and identifying beforehand which symbols you’re targeting before every single spin. That way, no wager is ever wasted. Don’t ever turn on the auto-play feature either – that’s definitely the worst possible approach for winning a pokie jackpot.

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