Online Casinos – The not so familiar games

Online Casinos – The not so familiar games

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Nowadays online casinos are filled with thousands of different games and game developers. You can take basically any casino that there currently is, and you’d probably find the following categories: Live Casino, Slots, Video Poker, Table Games, Lottery, Poker, Sportsbook, etc. These main categories contain 99% of the games available, but there are still few unknown variants that majority of the people have never heard of. These games aren’t necessarily that popular (yet!), but they still offer a good amount of excitement if you’re bored playing the same slots over and over again.

Let’s jump right in and see if we’re able to find a new favourite game for you!

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports is a way for sports bettors to bet on football (e.g) matches, without having actually wait hours for the match to start and finish. Virtual Sports are what they say they are: Virtual. The idea behind this is that you’re able to place your bets at any time you wish, and the game starts right away. What game, you might ask. Well that’s a good question, and as the name states, it’s going to be a virtual game, using innovative, video game technology to create unique atmospheres and authentic sporting events. There isn’t much skill involved as there would be on a normal bet slip, placed on “normal sports”, but it still is a lot of fun and not many people still know about it.

Slot tournaments

This concept has been digging it’s way to the top for several years already. It didn’t go as planned, because slot tournaments aren’t that popular still. They will eventually be, trust us, but not yet. Slot tournaments are a fun way for compete and play your favourite slots at the same time. Many casinos have a certain campaigns available, where you could join and see if you manage to win the biggest win for the week, which would grant you some extra winnings from the leaderboard. There are several different tournaments out there, you just need to go out there and pick your favourite!

Watch out for the bonuses

If you’re playing on slot tournaments, or placing bets on virtual sports, you should know that now all casino bonuses are available for you. Many casinos actually excludes these games on their terms and conditions. We’re not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the wagering requirements that are a bit hard to manage / calculate because the games are so exotic and works completely different compared to “regular” slots for example. So before claiming any bonuses and playing these games and game concepts, please check the terms and conditions that your online casino have provided you.

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