Six simple winning betting tricks for Grand National Race

Six simple winning betting tricks for Grand National Race

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The Grand National in Aintree started from the year 1839 and since then many historic events took place. Horses have to overcome 30 different types of fences in the course of 4 miles and 4 furlongs. With the course of time, the fences have also been changed regarding more safety features for the rides. The fences have been changed but people are still betting on the horses they like.

The bets are not to be placed on any horses even if the horse is in good shape. Before going into betting on mode there are some points which have to be considered.

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  1. Age of the horse: The age of the horse tells how healthy the horse is and how much is left in them. Animals do not live for a very long time and their lifespan is lesser than human beings. Look for the ages between 8 to 11 as it is a perfect age. Ages lesser than that means the horse is not having much experience. The age above that shows that the horse is getting older and will not be able to compete with younger horses.
  1. Previous prize money Winners: There will be horses that have won last year’s competitions or participated in Grand Nationals. But check how the horses had been performing in previous months and how much prizes they have grabbed. The more prize amount achievement they have grabbed gives a surety that they are on roll. The information about the horses can be found easily.
  1. Checking forecast: The forecast really helps to understand the current situation of the environment and which horse has more potential. Forecasts are done by individuals who are experts and they have all the details and record history. They as even tell a bigger picture which helps to understand and gives a reliable game plan in which a person can bet easily. As the Grand National is popular there will be various teams of expert panels that can surely give a great piece of advice.
  1. Top 10 horses: Always bet on the horses that are listed in the top ten. There will be many numbers of horses with great track record behind them but are they listed there. There is always a reason why only a few horses are listed at top ten. To reach the top ten these horse has proven there potentials at various fields and how they had changed the course of the game.
  1. The horse that knows the track: Running on the known track provides even a greater advantage. The track field and fences are already familiar with the horse. When compared to the horses that are unknown will be having a disadvantage as the course will be new for them and they will take some time to shape up according to the environment of the track.
  1. Place bets on various horses: Put bets only at one horse only gives a smaller percentage of winning. When bets are placed on more than two horses then winning percentage increases by a bigger fraction.

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