Tips to Swing the Odds in Your Favor When Playing in an Online Casino

Tips to Swing the Odds in Your Favor When Playing in an Online Casino

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For gamblers who cannot or do not wish to head to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, online casinos are a popular choice. As with any casino, however, the house would prefer you not win – at least not too much anyway. As such, you must use your head while playing your preferred game; gamble smart to cut your losses. Here are tips to swing the odds in your favor

Understand the Odds

You must know the odds of any game before you play it. This way you can ensure they are not too tight. Learn proven strategies of your favorite game and then check out the odds information associated with it. For example, if one slot machine boasts one-in-10 win odds and the other boasts a one-in-100 win odds, you’ll want to go with the one-in-10 machine to increase your winning chances but pay attention. If the odds don’t pan out, move on.

In addition, check out previous jackpot rewards. Oftentimes, online casinos trigger jackpots near the same time every 24 hours, few days, once a week, etc. If a game is known to release its jackpot around 1 a.m. every day or on a specific day each week, play it then. Many professional gamblers will tell you to play smart, and this means know your game and its proven strategies, know the casino, and know when you have the best chance to win.

Understand “Bonuses&rdquo

To know the casino and your game you must know the bonuses, too. Many gamblers choose an online platform because it touts fantastic bonuses sure to increase their luck and winnings. Once in the game, they discover they must wager the maximum bet in order to win the bonus, which they cannot afford to do. Read the rules. Know what’s expected in order to earn bonuses so you are certain you can and do reap the promised rewards.

Understand Technology Dictates Play

In an online NJ casino, or in an online casino anywhere else in the world for that matter, technology dictates play more than you might realize. Unless you play table games in a physical casino with a human dealer, your play is controlled 100 percent by random number generators. This technology is designed to ensure that all deals and spins are arbitrary. The outcome is decided by chance, so throw superstition out the window.

Learn Game Edges

It’s a simple fact that some games favor the player against the house while other games favor the house against the player. When you walk into a casino, you may notice that the Black Jack tables are always crowded. This is because Black Jack’s house odds favor the player – you have a better chance to win. The slot machines may be crowded, too, but it’s only because they’re popular. Slots favor the house over the player by a huge margin.

Join VIP Clubs

If you love to hit the casinos, you’re probably a member of VIP clubs at your favorite gambling spots in Atlantic City and Vegas. Online casinos offer VIP club opportunities as well, and while the reward might not include a free weekend stay in a luxury suite, it might. You may also receive cash-back incentives or electronics among other gifts. Research VIP perks offered by the online casinos to find the best program and join it.

Use Common Sense

Finally, common sense dictates play no matter where or when you gamble. The first mistake many people is gambling more than they can afford. If you have $100 to play with and you opt to play on a high-roller slot with a million dollar jackpot in your sights, you’re going to blast through that $100 in no time at all, which then tempts you to gamble more than you can afford. Don’t. Gamble within your budget and build up to the high-roller machines.

You should also stay away from online gambling websites that appear shady. If it doesn’t seem trustworthy, it isn’t. Research each casino to make certain it is regulated by the appropriate authorities and operates according to law. Don’t fall for touted jackpot wins and odds that seem too go to be true, and don’t drink and gamble either. Alcohol is free in brick-and-mortar casinos because people gamble carelessly when they drink.

Finally, take breaks. The more you play the less chance you stand to win because you get tired. Keep your brain fresh and your focus and concentration in peak condition by “walking away.” Click the logout button after you’ve played a while and won cash. If you suspect you have a gambling problem, get help. You must stay in control to play smart.


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