Top Reasons Why You’re Still an Amateur Gambler

Top Reasons Why You’re Still an Amateur Gambler

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Casinos are always swarming with people of different sorts and not all of them are even playing. But amidst the huge crowd on the gambling floor,the amateurs can be easily singled out especially by the gambling veterans who are already adept in gauging the personality of newbies and nonprofessional playersjust by the way they handle their games.

Not because you have been in the casinos several times, you are already a seasoned gambler. Its how you play and your attitude on gambling that set you apart. Even if you’re a regular patron, you can still be considered an amateur gambler.An amateur can be both occasional recreational player and a recurrentsocial gambler.

Professional players on the other hand are not determined through thefrequency of their visits in the casinos or the hours they spent on a game.The pros play differently, with more discipline and maturity. They are the serious gamblers who take gambling as a business rather than just a fun past time or a habit. No wonder they always win biggerprizes with lesser time playing and minimal losses compared to the amateurs.

The professional gamblers find time to study eachgame. They are on a continuousquest for knowledge to hone their casino skills and improve further their plays. Figuring out the ins and outs of the games and finding ways to beat the house edge are important to the pros. It is expected to see a smoother, controlled and great game when the pros are playing. Because they approach the game seriously, they incorporate effective strategies and are after the quality result of the bets and not the quantity of the betting. That’s why they don’t just grab every opportunity to bet but wait for the right time. The bets are few but they win most of the time and with bigger amount.

In contrast, the amateur gamblers view gambling as a form of leisure and so they tend to grab every opportunity to place a bet thinking it with would increase their chances of winning the gambling odds. This action though just end up in so many losses to the point of bankruptcy.Nonprofs don’t know when to quit and are motivated tocontinue playing when on a winning streakbut also keep on chasing losses believing they will eventually land the jackpot that has been long overdue. It is prevalent to see them spending so much time in casinos, betting high, throwing a lot of money butis angry and frustrated after. If you play like this, then you’re certainly an amateur. These attitudes are the reasons why you can’t progress to a pro.

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