Top Tips for Playing Live Roulette Games

Top Tips for Playing Live Roulette Games

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Playing live casino games, especially live roulette games can be a lot of fun. You’ll experience the same games as if you would be playing them in a ‘land’ based casino.

There are many different types of roulette games available in this day and age; we really are spoiled for choice, plus you’ll be dealt your cards by an attractive dealer, which is just an added perk of the playing! Basically, it’s exactly the same as playing in a land casino.

Some people play roulette for free and use the free ‘fun’ tables, and others prefer to bet and play with real money. However you prefer to play, has provided some top tips below to help you get the best online casino experience and also the best out of your game.

What Are Live Casinos?

First thing’s first however. If you are new to playing casino games online, and with this we mean online casino games such as the classics, online pokies and also live casinos, then you might not have yet come across live casino games, it’s a (relatively) new concept.

Live casino games can be played both on mobile and also desktop. Most casino sites offer live casino games as they are growing in popularity because the user experience has never been better.

When you load a live casino game of your choice, you will enter a screen where you will see the game table you have chosen in front of you. There will also be a real croupier/dealer waiting to take your bets. On your screen, you’ll have betting options. However you tell it to play and bet, will result in the game being played out in real life. It’s as simple as that.Image result for Top Tips for Playing Live Roulette Games

Live casino games are perfect games for those who like to play casino games but can’t get to a land casino, or perhaps don’t feel overly confident sitting in land casinos, or moreover, don’t live near one.

Live Roulette Tip #1: Have a Strategy and Be Patient

It’s always advisable to have a betting system and a strategy if you’re playing live roulette to win money. If you’re playing for fun, it doesn’t really matter, although, playing for fun can actually be a good place to start for beginners to learn before you play for real.

There are a few roulette strategies that you can use, including one of the most well-known: The Martingale Betting System, so our advice is to brush up on strategy and be patient and more import – disciplined!

Live Roulette Tip #2: Set a Target and Quit when you are Winning!

The aim of the game is entertainment, but it’s also nice to see a big win. That’s what it all comes down to. This is why you need to learn when to stop. As the age old saying goes “Always quit while you’re ahead” – it’s entirely true. A lot of casino players just carry on playing even though they have made enough money. But always remember; go back to tip #1 and have a strategy!

Roulette Tip #5: Use a Casino Bonus When You Play Online

One of the main differences between playing live roulette at a land based casino versus an online casino is that in most cases the land based casino will not give you a deposit bonus to use on their live roulette games!

All online casinos give deposit bonuses and this is where you can usually double up on your bank roll to give you a great start. Research different bonuses and try a reputable casino site which offers you the best bonus to suit you. For example, you might prefer a high rollover bonus if you’re planning to deposit a lot on your first deposit. Or, you might want to get deposit bonuses on the first couple of deposits that you make. The choice is up to you, but there are plenty of casinos out there offering supreme casino bonuses.

If you do take a casino bonus, one word of advice and that is to read all bonus terms & conditions before you start. All bonuses have wagering requirements attached to them so there will be a minimum wager before you can cash out any winnings. Some casinos offer more favourable requirements than others, so just have a look around for the best ones.

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