Try Playing CapsaSusun Offline

Try Playing CapsaSusun Offline

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CapsaSusun which is commonly known as Chinese Poker is a traditional card game of the Asiancountries. You need a pack of 52 cards to play this game where each player gets 13 cards. Here, you are required to arrange 3 lines with the help of 13 cards. The sequence to be followed is 5 cards for back-hand or middle-hand and 3 cards for front-hand.After this arrangement, you need to compare each line with the other players. The rule to play this game is simple,you just need to take strategic decisions fast.CapsaSusun is acommon card game almost like poker and it has gained huge popularityin many places. The game is also known as Big 2 and CapsaBanting. You can play this card game at home easily with your family. The number of players who can play this game ranges from 2 to 4.The goal of this game is the player who can first spend all the cards in his hand is the winner.

The offline concept

The general concept that we all are aware is, Capsa is played online. But this is not always true. The fact is Capsa card game can be played both online and offline. Though normally people don’t play it offline, whichever way you choose, knowing cara bermain Capsa Susun is actually important. This offline concept was very popular way long back in Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian countries. But with time it was noticed that the online version was gaining more popularity. In Vietnam, it was known as XAP XuChoung while in China it is known as LuosongPaiJiu. The game can be associated with the person PaiGow who was very popular then. Apart from the Southeast Asian countries, the game had also gained popularity in America.

The offline features

The offline version has few advantages that you can enjoy like:

  • You don’t require any internet connection to play offline, hence cost saving
  • Since it operates online, it has a light capacity compared to the online version
  • Multiple users can play from the same computer
  • Since you are playing it offline there are no chances of virus affecting your system

Why people get attracted to

CapsaSusun is one of the best card games played worldwide. It is such a card-based game where a player arranges the cards in different levels. The topmost level consists of cards of the number 3 and the other level consists of the number 2 cards. Card games are in general very addictive the new players get inspired by the experts and start taking interest in it. Once you start playing you find it easy to understand and simple to follow, this is one of the prime reasons why people get attracted to such games. When you start comparing your series with the other players the excitement reaches its peak and you start getting addicted to it. But to keep up this interest you need to actually learn carabermainCapsaSusun in the initial stage from the experts and other guidance tutorial videos.


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