Why More People Are Loving UK49 More than Other Lotteries

Why More People Are Loving UK49 More than Other Lotteries

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If you browse the internet for a while, you will notice that you have hundreds of different types of lotteries to choose from today. There was a time in the past when you could only take part in the lotteries that were available in your city or country. Today, you can play a lottery that is being played in a country several hundred miles away from you. Thanks to the internet, people now have more opportunities to be millionaires. However, not all lotteries are alike and that’s why different people choose different lotteries.

One of the most famous lotteries these days is the UK49. Also referred to as 49s, this lottery is different from most other lotteries that you know about. Let’s get a basic understanding of this lottery first and then get into the reason why people like it more than other lotteries.

The Basic UK49 Rules

When it comes to picking the numbers, things are pretty much similar to what you can see in other lotteries. You have a total of seven balls to choose from. The range you have available is 1 to 49. You have to select all the balls from this range and hope that the outcome of the draw matches the numbers you have picked. The best thing is that you have a seventh ball to choose from as well. You can look at the 49s results that there is a seventh ball as well, which is called the booster ball. It is not necessary for you to pick the number for this ball but it can increase your chances of winning.

There are different types of bets to choose from. However, the most important thing is that you can pick the number of balls you want to bet on. If you want to bet on just one ball, you can do that as well. The draws take place twice a day, once at the lunch time and the second one at the teatime. This means you can bet faster and collect your winnings faster as well since the draws are taking place on a daily basis.

Reasons Why People Like UK49 So Much

Here are some of the reasons why UK49 is becoming one of the most popular ways of placing bets on the numbers.

It Is Unique

The first thing that you have to agree with is that this is a unique type of lottery. It is not like other lotteries in many ways. First of all, most other lotteries are drawn only once a week. The draws of some lotteries take place twice a week. But you will not find a lottery whose draw takes place twice every day. Furthermore, you have many different ways to place your bets on the balls. If you wish, you can choose the number of balls that you can bet on. If you want to walk away from the conventional lotteries and try something new and more exciting, 49s is the way to go.

It Gives You Control

The biggest problem with other lotteries is that you don’t have any control over anything. Can you decide how many balls you can bet on? In the case of other lotteries, that’s not going to happen ever. If in the rules of the lottery you have to pick six balls, you will have to pick six balls. Yes, the lottery might reward you for matching fewer numbers. For example, you will get some reward for matching only five numbers whereas the jackpot is only available for the winner who matches all six numbers.

The problem with this conventional approach is that people who are not able to win the jackpot don’t get much in their pockets. The payouts for low tier prizes are very low. In some cases, the lowest tier prize is only enough to cover the cost of your ticket. On the other hand, UK49 gives you the control of your money. You can decide how many balls you want to bet on rather than placing your bet on all six balls always.

It Lets You Earn More

That’s another restriction that every lottery player has to face. The payouts are fixed for most lotteries. Most of the lotteries aim at making the players millionaires. Of course, you can be a millionaire if you are able to hit the jackpot. But what if you are not able to hit the jackpot? Do you have to come back home empty handed? The case with UK49 is completely different because it lets you control the amount of money you are going to win by matching the numbers.

First, you have to decide how many balls you plan on matching. If you wish to put your bet on only one ball, you can do that as well. However, the odds of such a bet will be low so your final outcome will be very small even if you win. However, if you go with at least three balls or four balls, you can make a lot of money with successful bets. Most importantly, you can decide the size of your bet as well. So, how much you win eventually depends on how big your bet is. The final money that you will receive will be your bet multiplied by the odds of the bet. In short, you can earn as much as you want with UK49.

Final Thoughts

A little research on the internet will reveal that more and more people are taking interest in UK49. They prefer this lottery more than other lotteries today because they have a lot of control over what they can earn from their bets. Not to mention, they can place bets on fewer balls as well. In short, they have multiple ways of earning money with UK49. Furthermore, they can also decide their risks because of the control they have on their bets. For anyone interested in playing UK49, they should definitely use the online tools to know the hottest and coldest numbers to boost their chances of winning big.

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