General Guide to Slot Machines

General Guide to Slot Machines

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Majority of online casino games are appealing to players as they are easy and quite straightforward to play. Though there is a range of slot machine variants available to gamers, it only takes a few pushes on the buttons to learn a particular slot.  However, there is still the possibility of making mistakes and losing money from the start, if one does not fully understand a specific game before playing. In connection, most credible online casinos offer free online games to win real money with no need to deposit, as a sort of practice run for gamers before betting with real money.

Free Slots

Free slots are not offered in land-based casinos. Offering such would be quite pointless and unproductive for brick-and-mortar casinos. Why? First, because land-based casinos take a huge amount of money to run, whereas online casinos do not have to worry about paying rent, utilities and staff to be operational. Players are able try their games for free – getting the “feel” of a game before making a deposit.

There are those who say that free slots are actually pointless, as one cannot win real money without making a deposit and betting. Not so. Aside from being practice runs, playing slots for free will help a player determine if he continues to play for real money, or drop the game.

Free Spins

Free slots and free spins on slots are not one and the same. Free spins on slots means just that – “free spins while playing slots”. Free spins are part of slot bonuses offered for players where they gain the possibility to win big money without making additional bets with real money. Free spins on slot games are mostly triggered by a pre-determined winning combination. Prizes for free spins may be in term of multipliers or additional money in the pot.

Winning in Slots

There are video slots that are intuitive to play and there are those that require a bit of free plays to get the play. However, there are no special skills or magic formula required to win in slots though observations indicate that educated and experienced gamblers have better chances of winning not only in slots but in other online casino games as well. Here are some smart and easy tips to increase one’s chances of winning in slots.

  • Check the rules of the game. Most slot rules are simple and easy to follow but there are a couple of standard rules that are overlooked by newbie players. In progressive jackpot slots, one has to bet the maximum number of coins per spin to be eligible to win the jackpot. In some progressive jackpot slots, a player has to bet with a certain coin value. Not meeting these requirements before playing disqualifies a player from winning the progressive jackpot.


  • Always play the maximum pay lines. Most video slots have multiple paylines, giving players more chances to spin a winning combo. It will cost more to activate all pay lines, but it is to a player’s best interest to play and bet the maximum amount.
  • Take advantage of the offered bonuses by casinos. Majority of online casinos offer deposit and welcome bonuses to news sign-ups. Though certain terms and conditions apply, theses extra perks are extra money, providing extra funds for a player.

Betting money that one cannot afford is a sure way to totally lose in slots. Sure, playing slots is highly enjoyable, and winning in slots is great. But it is best to set a limit to the amount one is comfortable spending in an online casino to avoid possible complications.


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