Making good profits with double stake and bonus bets for long run

Making good profits with double stake and bonus bets for long run

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The concept of double stake bet is an old version which provides benefits even if a person going for a loss. The online gambling sites provide various bonuses to the first timers. It is also the right time placing the bets to reach higher profits with the first bet that is made using bonus. The bets are made so that a person can have more profits and who bets to have a loss. Still, there is a need for making football predictions before placing the bets.

Let us first understand how Double Stake works.

Placing the first bet

There are two teams who are playing a game. Let’s say Team “A” and “B” is going to play. According to football predictions Team “A” has more chances. Now the bet is the place of £100 on Team “A” but in the end Team “B” won the match. The reality is that the bet is lost and £100 is already invested.

Double stake on the second bet

There is another match between the team “C” and “D”. Since Double bet stake has been chosen the amount of bet increased to £200. The bet is placed on Team “D” and waiting for the result. Still, the prediction didn’t go well and there Team “D” lost. First £100 and now £200 a total of £300 has gone.

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Double stake on the third bet

Now there is team “E” who is stronger and has good records is going to play. Team “F” is against Team “D” which is on losing streak. The favors are more for Team “E” and double bet of £400 is placed. The outcome of the match is that Team “E” has won the match and a profit of £800 is there.

What is the profit?

To count the profit on the total amount that is £800. Total Amount invested is £100 + £200 + £400, which is £700. Amount earned is £800 and still, there is a profit of £100.

Using free Bonus amount with Double Stake

Choose the bookmarks which are providing the bonus for the first deposit. Before the game makes an account and put the first deposit. There are sites which provide 100% bonus and it means if £100 in deposited then £100 is also provided. Now the account has a total or £200 in it by which bet can be placed. Place the bet on both the teams that are playing of £100 each. One team wins that is the profit which goes back to the account and also the investment is back. Now the bets can be placed on other teams with a double stake. Now the person is playing without losing anything and profit that comes later has a bigger amount.

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