Online Gambling’s Future Under Donald Trump

Online Gambling’s Future Under Donald Trump

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Gambling has never been an alien subject for the United States of America. In fact gambling, whether it is online or physical, is synonymously identified with the USA. However what most outsiders would not know is that America has imposed a number of laws too on online gambling. Surprisingly some states of America prohibit gambling. That includes betting online too.Image result for Online Gambling Future Under Donald Trump

But the tide seems to take a different turn under the presidency of Donald J Trump. President Trump, it is said, will make a considerable change in the US gambling industry. Although it is too early to pass a judgment on what he would execute in the gambling industry, it is certain to have a drastic facelift. For instance, it will not be subject to much regulation under Trump’s tenure as US President.

Why, one may query. The reason is simple. Donald J Trump is no strange name to America’s casino industry. He has owned casinos as well as investments in the industry. Trump’s casino located in Las Vegas accommodates a number of world-famous casinos.

President Trump promised to bring up a drastic change while he ran for office. That promise rocketed him to the highest administrative seat in the US taking many by surprise. His election campaign, filled with many controversial suggestions, focused on introducing a number of policy revisions. Among them, ensuring the freedom of the US citizens ranks a significant position. And that speaks a lot for the US online gambling industry.

Trump as President of United States can influence the legislation affecting comps and cash bonuses. Despite difficulties, Trump will continue to yield his enormous influence over the casino industry. This website of writer’s choice bears ample testimony to that.

That is why it is easier to see President Trump as someone who will play a decisive role in the regulation of US online casino and sports betting industry. Trump’s affiliation with capitalism may also have a huge impact on the industry. He is a businessman turned politician who needs not told that the iGaming regulation channels a substantial revenue to the country’s treasury. The prohibition imposed on online gambling in many American states may be lifted, especially if they are Trump strongholds. Most states where Trump has won over Clinton may consider making online gambling legal. This will be a welcome green light for many in the iGaming industry.

That said, within the next four years, the whole America will create a conducive environment for online gambling. The online player can keep their fingers crossed for such a phenomenon in the near future.

President Trump’s appointment is surefire good news for gamblers. But then the gamblers are not certain how long Trump will be able to sustain the office. His interest with the gambling industry may be dangerous for the industry, although it tends to bring boons on a temporary basis. What Trump makes legal could be reversed by a successor. And that reversal may create quite hard circumstances for the gamblers. The online gamblers will probably fall into a worse spot.


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