The Storage and More Options for Database Deals

The Storage and More Options for Database Deals

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The Cloud Storage, or virtual cloud, has always been the topic of the moment: by now everyone is increasingly relying on this new data storage system. This type of services is also used for website backups. There are several WordPress plugins that save entire websites (data and databases) on Storage cloud services. For the 토토검증사이 this is important now.

The most used plugins for this purpose are:

  • All-in-One WP Migration 

WP Time Capsule  

  • Why should you spend money buying external hard drives to store your data?
  • Why should you give up some of the space available locally?

Everyone has now decided to adopt free Cloud Storage solutions.

  • What does the cloud storage industry offer today?
  • What is the best solution to meet your needs?

The best free services for storing files online

HubiC is one of many online storage also compatible with Linux. Obviously it is multi-platform so it is also available for Windows, Mac OsX and for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) , Blackberry and Windows Phone mobile platforms.

The free account offers 25 GB

Simple to use, it allows you to save all types of files (photos, videos, music, documents etc) without size limits and easily share them via links. Particularly respectful of privacy, it is certainly to be preferred to other western services.

The best free services for storing files online

  • Google provides each user with 15 GB of free space, shared with Gmail and other Google services.
  • Unlike other solutions that offer simple file and document storage, Google Drive allows you to take advantage of many additional features and excellent integration with other external services, such as IFTTT and Zapier.
  • Furthermore, if you want to manage google drive files directly from your WordPress blog you can use this fantastic premium plugin: Use-your-Drive.

MediaFire is a Cloud Storage platform developed to manage large media files such as audio and video.


Unlike other services, advertising is not too invasive and it is possible to download multiple files at the same time.


It is integrated with Google Apps and Office. The free plan (Personal Free Box) offers 10 GB of free space in the cloud. Among the negative points, it does not allow passwords to protect your files if you want to share them. Furthermore, you cannot upload files larger than 250 MB.


  • Free Space: 10 GB expandable + 512 MB for each friend reported
  • Yandex is a fast cloud download space, practical and very reliable.
  • Yandex offers a Cloud Storage service called Yandex Disk.

Once the desktop application is installed, the synchronization of the files assigned to its folder will be automatically managed, there are no size limits for uploading files. To register on Yandex click this link and you will get 1 GB of additional space.


If you are a lover of Apple products, you probably already know their ICloud online storage service, which offers 5 GB of free space in the cloud . Although born for the Apple world (Mac and iOS), it is also available for Windows via desktop program.

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