Watch This New Rummy TVC and Know What Approached Me to Share this with You!

Watch This New Rummy TVC and Know What Approached Me to Share this with You!

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0, one of the oldest Indian websites to play rummy online has brought forth a new rummy TVC that has thrilled the rummy freaks one more time. This time, it’s not a football field, but the jewelry showroom where the rummy lover is showing his talent. Check out the new TVC by Ace2Three below and see what it has for the rummy game lovers.

A man comes to a jewelry shop with his wife and a daughter. The wife and his daughter get busy in finding out the right piece of jewelry for themselves, while the man picks up the jewelry tray and starts arranging the rings and earrings in some particular sequence. He just finds out that diamond is missing. The salesman snatches the diamond earring from man’s daughter’s hands and helps the man to make a right rummy card sequence. The man steals the last laugh. This is how playing rummy can help you implement the gaming rules in your life as well.

But playing rummy online is different than playing it offline, though the rules are same. Still, there are many reasons that make online rummy much better than offline rummy.

Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy: Why Online Rummy is Better?

There has been a strong debate for a long time over this topic. Though few people still believe that offline rummy is better, but many say that online rummy is the best form of modern day gaming. Let us look at few of the reasons why the online rummy game is better than the offline rummy.

Multi-Platform Support

You can easily play free online rummy games on smartphones, desktops, or tablets anywhere anytime. Ace2Three provides you with its mobile applications to play it on your iOS as well as Android devices. Moreover, you can play the game on your desktop, by login directly to the website. The website easily adapts any layout irrespective of the screen size.

Enjoy Playing Different Rummy Variants

The online rummy provides you an opportunity to play different variants of the rummy game like –Points rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool games as well. Each game variant has its own rewards and bonuses. You just need to join the table and start playing the game for fun.


The online websites like reward the players with welcome bonuses as soon as they join the website. A player can also earn bonuses by referring the game to the friends. Moreover, the players get weekly bonuses along with exciting cash prizes. Join as a premium member & avail all the premium benefits.

Fair Game Play

The seating arrangement during the gameplay is random. Therefore, no one can control the selection of the table. The Random Number Generator shuffles and distributes the cards. It is well encrypted across a strong firewall. This prevents tampering and the game is also monitored round the clock for preventing the fraudulent activities.

Beginner’s Benefits

You will be overwhelmed with Ace2Three’s stunning interface design. As a beginner, you can learn how to play rummy and other rummy game rules. You can join the free tournaments to improve your rummy playing skills and can take part in cash tournaments as well. It has got a smooth & user-friendly interface. Most of the online rummy websites provide these benefits for the newbie users.

Play at Comfort of Home and Save Time

The online rummy game saves your time, efforts, and most importantly the money that you need to spend while playing it offline. You just need an internet connection to play this 13 card game from anywhere anytime. You need not wait for your friends to gather at a place for the game of rummy. At Ace2three, there are millions of users online with whom you can play rummy game 24X7 online.

The Bottom Line

Surely, online rummy is better than offline rummy is different ways. Though the rule of playing the game are same, but the level of comfort online rummy games provides over offline rummy is surely irresistible. being the oldest players in the world of online rummy games provides the best services to all its users. This is the reason why it has retained a number of users than any other rummy gaming website in India from its user base of 8 million. If you are looking for a website that can help you to start your journey in the rummy card game world then you must join Ace2Three now.


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