10 Most Popular Online Slots Games

10 Most Popular Online Slots Games

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Casino patrons of all shapes and sizes simply can’t resist the pull of the lever – in fact the average gambler prefers slot machines two-to-one over video poker and table games combined. With that in mind it’s time to share our favorite online casino  slot games we think you’ll go spin-crazy over.

Voodoo Candy Shop

With its bone-chilling voodoo theme, this slot game will remind you of the warning your parents always told you – never take candy from strangers. It’s easy to get past this, though, when the winnings come rolling in – with the help of thousand-year-old shrunken heads.

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven

If you’re a fan of horse racing and all the thrills that come with seeing your prized steed cross the finish line – and make you a pretty penny – then this is the game for you. Bearing the name of three-time riding champion Lanfranco “Frankie” Dettori, this fun and engaging game promises giant payouts to the lucky spinner who gets five Frankies in a row.

Desert Treasure

Ever dream of being a treasure hunter growing up? Well, dream no more. Armed with nothing more than a map and your wits, the Aladdin game slot takes you down the Cave of Wonders and into a golden treasure room with lamps to choose from. X marks the spot to riches – just remember to avoid the killer cobras!

The Incredible Hulk

Everyone’s favorite viridian rage-fueled mutant lands the fourth spot on the list with his self-titled online progressive. This five wheel slot game allows players to become the beloved Incredible Hulk – smashing cop cars to create wild spaces and multipliers along the way.

Beach Life

For all those online gamblers who simply can’t wait for the first day of summer, this fun, colorful and lucrative game brings a welcome reprieve from day-to-day stress, while transporting gamers to a virtual beach paradise.


If you’ve ever had difficulty choosing a side in the constantly evolving world of the superhero/supervillain debate, this game isn’t going to make up your mind once and for all. In the case of this slot, that ends up being a good thing. Not having to choose between heroes and villains makes it all the more enticing with free-spin rounds that open up a world of possibilities for unlimited fun.

A Night Out

If you’re looking for a fun night out on the town, but can’t afford it, this game has you covered. With fun dance-floor themed scatter wins and bartender bonus rounds, you’ll feel like you’re at a popular Vegas nightclub without ever leaving your living room.

Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash

Whether you’re a lion tamer at heart, or a bearded lady, this trip to the big top will leave you feeling satisfied. One of the biggest draws, besides the eye-catching game board, is its whopping nine bonus rounds that vastly improve your chances of winning!

Deal or No Deal

Based on the infamously entertaining television show, this five-reel slot game boasts a pretty impressive progressive jackpot, as well the ever-suspenseful call we have all grown to expect from the titular Dealer. Betting the max amount possible ensures a chance to enter into the running for the progressive.

Thunderstruck II

If you’re a fan of Norse mythology and the infamous hammer-wielder, Thunderstruck II is the game for you. With unheard of 243 pay lines, there’s no limit to how much you can bring home – Mjolnir approved!

When it comes to online gambling, there’s no greater thrill than the steady ringing of a fresh payout. No matter if you choose to hunt for pirate booty in exotic desert locales or get tangled up with voodoo priestesses in the bayou, you’re going to have fun while doing it. So get to spinning and watch the money roll in.

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