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Best strategy for Sic-bo Players

Best strategy for Sic-bo Players

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Sic-bo is a Chinese term which means dice pair. This is an ancient term from china that is still existent. Judi online sicbo is one of the most popular games in Macau, while in America, it is available in the judi live casino in Atlantic City. The game makes use of three dices on top of a differently designed table top. Winning a sicbo is a sheer chance of luck. If you are lucky, you win. Or else, you are doomed for the day. Although there are some age old tips that you can surely follow. But honestly, it is more of luck than following tips.

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  • Bet on big or small

The best bets that you can go for in sicbo is either small or big. To speak of differently, you should bet on that dice that has rolled from 4 to 10 and from 11 to 17 respectively. These kinds of bets usually pay you at a ratio of 1:1. Also, they possess the smallest house hedge which results to 2.76%.

  • Use combination bets

In an improved sicbo game, you can make a bet on any specified two numbers or it should be a combination of bets. Again, the bet that you make has to have a 2.76% or a low house hedge. However, the ratio of the odds against winning this is 6:1. To put it simply, you get to win only once in six bets.

  • The odds on specified totals vary

If you take a keen look at the table layout of sicbo, you will notice that the odds on particular numbers differ in a bigger way. Also, it has a similarity to hedge house value as well.

  • Avoid betting triples

If you bet on a triple and win it, it means that you have acutely predicted that one number that has appeared on the dice three times. However, this is a very rare case. The more experienced you are in sicbo, the more do you face such outstanding results. So, keep trying until you get the biggest win of your life.

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Besides these three magical tips, never dare to place your bet on foolish bets. This will be the most foolish work on your part. Again, remember that sicbo does not work on the lines of betting. And above everything, trust in yourself and pray to the Almighty for good luck.

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