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Ball betting is a form of ‘Spot betting’. You stand a chance to win (or lose) on every ball of a cricket match or a football match, unlike the one where you bet for the entire result of the match or an innings.

In ball betting, there are different odds for each outcome possible. The examples are; Wicket, Six, Boundary, Wide, No-Ball etc. This kind of betting however is more common in cricket than in football. In ball betting, you can even bet on the direction of the cricket ball after it has been hit. (Leg side, off side, behind the wickets, straight).

Generally the odds are decided on the probability of a particular outcome, which may depend and vary as the game goes on. Like the probability of a batsman hitting a six on the first ball of the match is very low, hence you’ll get much higher odds.

This kind of method in betting is highly popular since you can bet in every play of the match that you are watching. You can place as many bets as you can in each play making it more exciting unlike conventional football betting where you only wait for the outcome or the result of the entire match.

In conventional betting, punters bet on the overall outcome of the match or race. Spot betting, though, sees gamblers staking their money on the minutiae of sporting encounters, anything from the exact timing of the first throw-in during a football match to whether the first ball of a cricket match will be a wide or a no-ball.

This method of online betting is also available online since a lot of online betting sites also offer not just conventional betting but ball betting as well which is highly popular in football matches, cricket games and races.  You can try ball betting in Indonesia with’s taruhan bola (ball betting) system and experience firsthand the different kind of thrill in this one of a kind betting method while enjoy watching your favorite football team play.

It provides real-time play-by-play scores and results of your favorite football match or cricket game as well as the odds and bets placed in each of it. is considered as one of the most reliable betting sites in Indonesia for having the title as a back-to-back winner of EGR’s Asian ‘Operator of the Year’. The site specializes in handicapping sports betting and live betting. It offers tons of live football betting from different football leagues around the world.

How to spot a reliable betting site? First off it needs to provide convenience to online bettors through its features displayed in the site like bonuses for active members, fast deposit and withdraw and a professional customer service available 24/7 and most of all it provides the latest football results and schedules. Pasaranbola303 also offers online casino games for those who are into other form of gambling.

Ball betting is highly popular in Indonesia that is why having a reliable online gambling agent is essential to ensure safe and legal betting. Pasaranbola303 provides online bettors a trusted online gambling agent through its own website that offers a wide range of online football betting, online casino games and football predictions.


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