Basic Blackjack Strategies: Learn How to Start the Game

Basic Blackjack Strategies: Learn How to Start the Game

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Do you find the basic blackjack strategies confusing? If that’s the case, then you’re not alone – everyone was a beginner once. Read on and learn how to start the game while mastering the basic blackjack strategies and thus increase your chances of winning.

For the absolute beginners, blackjack is one of the most popular casino banking games in the world which revolves around the number of 21. Players find blackjack attractive because you’re playing to beat the dealer, and you’re not competing with other players. There are three ways in which you could win, no matter if you play casino online or in real life:

  • Win 21 points straight on, with the first two cards you get;
  • Don’t exceed 21 points but still reach a higher score than the dealer;
  • Let the dealer draw additional cards and exceed 21;

Even though itseems simple enough and the majority of people place their winning chances on luck, experienced players agree that knowing and implementing some basic strategies is a must.

Learning the strategies will allow you to know when is the right time to hit (get another card) or stand (keep your cards as they are), which are the basic moves. However, you could also choose to split (an option availableonly when the two cards you got are of the same value, where you can make two hands out of one), double down (double your bet and get only one more card), take insurance (available only when the dealer is showing an ace, so you place another bet), or simply surrender.

To start with, the most basic strategy for beginnersconsists of seven principles, each of them mathematically-proven and always correct.

  1. You must stand on 12 when the dealer shows a 6 or a lower.
  2. You must stand on 17 when the dealer shows a 7 or a higher.
  3. Always split your hand if you got two 7s when the dealer shows 7 or lower.
  4. Double down when the dealer shows a lower card if you have 10 or 11.
  5. Always split your hand if you get two Aces or two 8s.
  6. Always hit on soft 17 or less but stand on soft 18 or more.
  7. Never take insurance (also called as Even Money).

By following the basic strategy closely and exactly as it is, you increase your chances of winning and lower the advantage the dealer has over you.

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