Sports Betting Deals As per the Requirement

Sports Betting Deals As per the Requirement

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There are two types – positive and negative, whether they are given to the outsider or favorite. The odds are plus, if good. Positive rates indicate what the net profit will be at a bet of 100 dollars. For example, we will give a + 200, which shows that if you want to win 200 dollars, you need to make a bet of $100.

Negative odds are logically minus and are called “bad”, as they are lower and are assigned to the favorites. They show how much money they have to make to earn a profit of $100. The -400 tells you that you have to bet £ 400 on the specific market to earn $100 or turned into a decimal coefficient (-400) equals 1.25.

If you are still a beginner in this type of calculation, use the following formulas to make the American odds in decimal. Positive rates become a European option after adding 100 to the figure and dividing the final collection result by 100.

(K +100) / 100 or for a factor of 200 : (200 + 100) / 100 = 3.00

Negative odds are calculated by another formula as they show how much to bet in order to win a certain amount. The conversion is done by adding 100 to the absolute value of the number (without the minus sign) and dividing the resulting sum by the coefficient.

( K + 100 ) / K or for a factor of 400: ( 400 + 100) / 400 = 1.25

Asian odds

These types of mathematical calculations are only available in Asian bookmakers. Methods of calculation are not complicated, but due to the presence of other more popular species, they cannot be imposed on the European market. We do not recommend targeting Asian online sports betting companies because they are not particularly sure your account will be under constant threat. However, to enrich your common betting culture, we provide you with the most commonly used Asian rates.

Hong Kong – They resemble the decimal odds, the difference being that they do not include the bet itself. The decimal factor of 3.50 is equal to the 2.50 Hong Kong.

Indonesian – You will find a great similarity between them and the American rates, because in a negative way you can see what the winning bet should be by one unit, and on a plus plus how much you win with a bet 1.

Malaysian – This is the most difficult to explain type, as it has no equivalent among popular odds. More specifically, the Malaysian are in the opposite of the Americans. They again have a plus and a minus sign, but here the negative are positive in the American version and vice versa.

What should we be careful about?

Odds are the clearest indicator, so what are the expectations for the meeting itself? They will give you answers to many questions and will point you to the correct bet. It is advisable to monitor the odds movement and to be informed if there have been any previous dips or rises. It is not desirable to place bets on 먹튀사이 whose odds have risen sharply. The bookmaker may have received additional information from his source, suggesting the unfavorable development of the event. Do not let the odds affect your bets. Treat them only to the extent that you can calculate your potential profits and determine whether your stake has value.


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