How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Home Poker Games

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Home Poker Games

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Planning or attending a home poker game is a great way to combine an activity you love with socialization. The way most people play home poker, however, differs greatly from how they play the game in the casino or even play poker online alone. Understanding the subtle ways you can earn the upper hand in a home poker game could end up helping you win big.

Take a look at a few preparations you’ll want to make to maximize your home poker game winnings:

Size Up Competitors

You may look forward to your weekly get together with your friends but if you really want to win, you have to think logically. Pay attention to what people do before they call, or bluff, or fold. You have home-game advantage because you see the same players over and over again. Build mental portfolios of your opponents and pay attention to anything you are doing that may be giving away your poker strategy, too. Figure out how your opponents (in the friendliest way, of course) play the game – and then zero in on it for your own gain.

Stay Positive

Bring a good energy to the poker table and envision your winning hands. Everyone has a rough hand here and there – but keep a positive outlook on your prospects of winning. Hanging out with friends and family should boost your mood, so you’ll already be on the right path.


Dim the Lights

People are more prone to risky behavior when they are in a dark room. Make your home poker game the opposite of the glitz and bright lights of an actual casino. People will want to spend more and take bigger risks – and you’ll benefit.

Play Music

Specifically play music with lyrics. When your opponents are singing along, they aren’t as laser-focused as you are. Plan out a playlist that is distracting and fun at the same time.

Be Aware of Alcohol Consumption

Several studies have pointed out that limited alcohol (two or less drinks) actually sharpens some decision making and makes you more aware of your surroundings. While this isn’t exactly great advice when it comes to driving a car, it could work for in-home poker playing. Bottom line: You know your limits. If you feel like any form of alcohol hinders your focus, then stay away from it. If a beer or two seems to help you relax and concentrate better, then enjoy it while you play.

There are plenty of ways to tip the odds in your favor when you are hosting or attending an in-home poker game. If poker is a game you really enjoy, share the love by playing with your friends.

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