Learn these simple rules and become the king of blackjack

Learn these simple rules and become the king of blackjack

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Poker is the widely played game around the world. The popularity is not only limited to the land-based casinos but also in the online casinos. Because of this past, the poker has been widely adopted as a way to make money online. The poker in Judi Bola has been more popular after its insertion in the online gambling. Even kids and teenager are used to poker games while some are really great at it too. The most famous among all the poker game is the blackjack. It has a very far history and is loved by many poker people. The poker is a simple game but it has certain tricks that can make you win many games.

The right decision

The whole blackjack game is dependent on your decision to hit or to stand. If you know the perfect time to stand you have already won the game, else you are dead. One thing that people confuses is they try to make 21. That is not required actually. The whole thing of the game is to get as close as 21. If a have got 16 and the rest of them has a value less than 16 then these players have won. So, when you play make sure not to reach 21 but to get as close as 21. This would increase your chance of winning. If you have a total of 11 then you can independently have a hit because even if you have the face card which is the highest are you are to land on 21. You are a clear winner. In Judi Bola the closer you go the dangerous it becomes to go for a hit. If the place has received a total of 17 then it is well enough to go for a stand and just have a finger crossed.

Ace is the king

One of the rules that make the blackjack more interesting is that the value of an ace. An ace can have a value of a 1 or 11, depending on your choice. It is the secret wish of every blackjack player to have this card in his hand. This card helps you to take risks. If you have a score of 9 or 10 and you go for a hit and you receive an ace. You are a clear winner. The value 11 will be the one responsible. Whereas uGu has a total 11 you can surely choose 1. Hence, you are safe. If your first hand is an ace then you have an option as under.

The splitting

This is another advantage if the blackjack that can help you to win big. If the total of your card in the hand is big then you do a thing called the splitting. In splitting, you don’t play with a single hand but with double hand. That means that you can win the game with two hands independently. However, to make this happen you have to increase your bets as well. This is best done when you have a jack in the first hand.


This some short tips that really helps to be good at this games. Well, many people play the game and if you want to win you have to be different.

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