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Online Slots: How themes can encourage and engage

Online Slots: How themes can encourage and engage

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Every week, news of the launch of a brand new slot game hits our screens. But rather than get old, each new slot game that hits the market adds something brand new and exciting to the crowded sector.

Slot developers tasked with designing new games must take into consideration the actions and reactions of their closest competitors. Before they themselves even act, they must consider how best to win over the average player.

The addition of themes to caça niquel games makes for a much less predictable market, which players love. So why wouldn’t slot game designers put their all into coming up with themed games, if they’re sure to win over the player?

There are countless slot games out there, but themes can encourage new players and engage existing ones (and vice versa). Here’s how.

Less of a stigma, more players

Because of their very entrenched history in gambling, slot machines (or, fruit machines) have somewhat of a stigma attached to them. Typically located in smoky bars and pubs, these machines have always been frequented by older male players.

But now, due to the rise of online gambling, source Casinopedia; slot machines, are being used by more females and younger people. The rise of mobile technology is one factor in this, but another is the addition of themes to these games.


Some of the most recent slot releases this month include a superhero-themed one by Playtech, a Santa-themed one by Pragmatic Play, and a cat-themed one released by Thunderkick. These new launches alone provide an interesting snapshot into the sheer variability of what’s out there these days.

This variability is what is encouraging more and more new users, from all walks of life, to use slots. It’s also what is continuing to engage new ones.

Variability and fun

Cats, superheroes, and Santa are, as mentioned in the section above, just some of the latest themes to hit slots. In recent months there have also been Halloween-themed ones, Asian-themed ones, ancient-themed ones, and even those that feature the Orient Express.

Truly, nowadays, there is something for everyone. Developers know that in the current slot market – which, needless to say, is very crowded, with everyone jostling to be the players’ favorite – everybody must be catered for.

Slots now appeal to a huge audience: young men, old men, middle-aged women, 18-year-olds, and more, from every background imaginable. In order to keep players engaged and the industry competitive, this has been essential.

The good thing is that many firms have managed to retain the more traditional elements of slots and fruit machines, which keeps players who have been using slots for a long time loyal, engaged, and interested.


What the future holds

Themes could breed additional player benefits, such as bonus rounds and other added extras. Slot developers can take themes in a number of unique ways, and each one experimented with will help us to learn more about the market and ways in which players engage with the games.

Personalization is fast becoming important for almost every single industry in the world. We’ve already mentioned that themed slot machines help attract a variety of different players depending on said theme, but perhaps, in the near future, developers can use player metrics to tailor their content to players?

Such a move would be sure to keep players engaged and encouraged, and it may be something that slot developers everyone could think about.

Perhaps operators could use similar metrics to point their users in the direction of the themes that would suit them most, as well.

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