Playing the Game of Just Jewels

Playing the Game of Just Jewels

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Casino games have been a chief source of attraction to many, who love to play with slot games and win cash easily. Just spin the wheel and get the cash if you are lucky is the theme behind these games. Making easy money has always been attractive. Of course if you are lucky, you win by a huge margin. This streak of luck and money has its own charm and its own type of players.

The Game Features

Just Jewels is a charming online slot game. Playing with diamonds, gold and rubies is very interesting. Big bank notes have their own values and playing such games is made all the more easier, through online playing. Just match symbols of about 3 to 5 on any of the 10 win lines and be a winner. Left to right or right to left, your win is always valid on the reels. The Scatter symbol is the Euro symbol that gives a win on the reels at any position. Playing the game of Just Jewels is made all the more charming with classic graphical backgrounds. The dazzling jewels just beckon you from the screen with their tantalizing shine. “C’mon” they cry out to the players. Try the game they beckon.

Jewel Symbols

Get to play with many types of jewel symbols. You can choose from rubies, emeralds, amethysts and gold, to score big prizes. Cash and gold are great accumulations for which you can win in 6 figures. With bejeweled crown spins, you get 7 figure prizes. The Scattered Euros are there for a higher prize. Treasures are rare to win. But with 1 coin, you can try your luck.

Of course, not all players get to win. This is what new players should first understand. The awards are given at random and winning may involve a lot of coins for each type of jewel. If you are more into gambling, you can also try to double your coins.

Gambling has never been so attractive with great prizes and graphics such as Just Jewels. For more details contact

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