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5 Killer Reasons Why Playing Online Poker With Bitcoin Is Better Than Real Money

5 Killer Reasons Why Playing Online Poker With Bitcoin Is Better Than Real Money

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Since 2013, the rate at which bitcoin is popping in the gambling industry is unstoppable. It’s outstanding solution to the online business transactions are practically undeniable.  While other methods of payment such as wire transfer and creditcard takes days and sometimes weeks to complete a transaction, bitcoin transaction will only take a few seconds.

It’s no longer doubt that the BTC is drastically changing the atmosphere of the online poker and the whole gambling market and some few other mainstreams with its astonishing speed to transferto and from– compared to other physical means of payment. Bitcoin gambling market is now faster developed and more interesting for both players and operators. In fact,some online poker players tag it to be a tantalizing option for payment.

Here are 5 killer reasons why playing online poker with bitcoin is better than real money.

#1 The deposition and withdrawal comfort: Over the years, the “Achilles heel” complained by several online poker fans has been deposition and withdrawal of real money. However, Bitcoin solved the problem with ease. The comfort of deposition and withdrawalof your earning is now possible without having to go through a long payment process.

#2Thesenders and receivers anonymity:Playing poker with bitcoinon any of the bitcoin poker rooms guarantees you a hundred percent anonymity,unlikereal money. During the process of registration, you’d be required to fill some personal information. In fact majority of online poker fans detest doing so. On the contrary, one of BTCpeculiarities isAnonymity. While making transactions, people will only know that a peer-to-peer transaction was made. They’re clueless of who sends andreceives the BTC. They only see a combination of long figures and letters knownas public address.

#3Location accessibility: Do you know that one of the unusual ideas of this epoch-making online payment system is its ability to be accessed anywhere in the world provided there is internet network. In other words, playing online poker is virtually possible even in environments where government authorities restrict such. Of course, it’s going very difficult for people in such location to play their favorite poker games with real money. On the hand, payment with bitcoin in such area is easier for the player because BTC is decentralized and not in control of any authority.

#4 The period of transaction: It’s no longer new that the speed at which bitcoin transaction is made is remarkably faster compared to real money. For instance, playing online poker with bitcoin will be completed in the matter of few minutes.Listed on – all the top bitcoin poker rooms with daily freerolls and special tournaments.

Majority of banks if not all are not involved with gambling transaction. Even at that, making transactions with real money, for example wire transfer, takes as long as weeks to be completed–which is highly incomparable to BTC that are created by powerful computers that verifies and records all payment on a public ledger

#5 Little or no transfer fee:  Not only will you enjoy a speed payment option playing poker with bitcoin, but also, you’ll not be required to pay transaction fee. Unlike real money options let’s say for credit cards and wire transfer-it will require you to pay some heavy percentage charge known as transfer fee.

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