What Is Rollover In Context Of Welcome Bonus?

What Is Rollover In Context Of Welcome Bonus?

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A rollover is the number of time that the betting website requires you to risk your deposit before you can claim any winnings without having to pay any fines or extra fees. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to bet your deposit amount exactly the number of times mentioned by the website.

Let’s say you have deposited $100 and the rollover requirement is 8x, this doesn’t mean that you have to place bets of $100 eight times. It actually means that you have to place bets amounting to $800 before you can request for payouts.Image result for What Is Rollover In Context Of Welcome Bonus?

Some websites even calculate rollover on the initial deposit and the bonus. This means if you deposit $100 and receive a $50 bonus, then your 8x rollover would be &1200, which is $400 more than if the rollover was calculated only on the deposit. This is a significant difference as there is no increase in bonus amount but an increase in the amount of money you need to risk.

There are websites like who try to keep it simple, but most websites are not so considerate and they would use the bonus amount as an way to make you spend even more. Which is why don’t sing up with websites just because they are offering a huge bonus. and some other websites explain the terms and conditions that are attached to the bonus amount in details. You should read the fine print and find out what good this bonus is to you, and how the rollover requirement is going to effect you before signing up.

If there is vagueness in the information provided or there is no information at all then avoid that website at all cost. You can also try to get all the details from the customer care people before signing up.

In the end of the day, don’t choose a website based on the size of their welcome bonus, if a website has a very large welcome bonus then they are probably compensating for their lack in quality or some other respect.

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