Fast Choices for the perfect Internet Web Management

Fast Choices for the perfect Internet Web Management

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So, in reality, users are impatient, they are less satisfied and reduce the number of clicks if they have to wait too long. What can be done to improve page performance? Use CSS sprites and various tools for testing pages to identify bottlenecks and directions for optimizing code. With 토토 라이프 this is important.

Make your content easier to read

Internet users do not actually read the contents of the pages online, at least in accordance with Dr. Nielsen’s study of human behavior on his website. His analysis shows that only 28% of the text on the page is read, and the more text, the lower the percentage of read.

The dependence of the assimilated text on the number of words on the page

To increase the likelihood that your visitors will read most of your content, you need to use lightweight text reading techniques. Highlight keywords, use headings, write short paragraphs, and use lists.

Don’t worry about “folding” and scrolling vertically

There is an old myth that important content should be placed above the “fold” (the term came from printing and refers to the area of ​​a web page that can be viewed without scrolling content), which was first mentioned by Jacob Nielsen.

So long pages are bad? Should we cram everything at the top of the template because people don’t want to read anything below the fold?

The answer to these questions is “No,” according to a report by Clicktale. The result of their research shows that the page length does not affect the likelihood that the user will scroll down the page.

Dependence of page scrolling probability on page length

And a study by Joe Leach of CX Partners shows that the low amount of content above the fold encourages the user to look for continuations below.

Joe Leach Research

Therefore, you should not worry about placing all the important content at the top of the page, because otherwise the user will not want to search for it. Use the principles of visual hierarchy and the art of prioritization to emphasize the importance of various elements on your pages.

Post important content to the left of the page

The bulk of visitors to our sites are people who grew up in a cultural environment with the direction of writing from left to right. Therefore, the main attention of visitors is directed to the left side of the page at least 69% of the time the page was visited, according to the results of Dr. Nielsen’s study, which involved more than 20 users.

Dependence of the time of viewing the element on the distance from the left border

The same results, but with a mirror image, are obtained for websites written in languages ​​with the direction of writing from right to left, for example, in Hebrew or Arabic (increased attention is paid to the right side of the page).

The research results lead to two conclusions. First, the language of the site affects the entire template. When developing a site, it is necessary to take into account the cultural characteristics of the bulk of the prospective visitors. Second, for sites with the traditional direction of writing from left to right, important information should be placed on the left side of the page, and vice versa, in the case of a language with a direction of writing from right to left, important information should be placed on the right.


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