Tell me your top online casinos and I’ll show you mine

Tell me your top online casinos and I’ll show you mine

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I can’t even remember a day when I didn’t get a question like “What is the best online casino?”, “Which are top 10 online casinos?” or maybe a ludicrous one like “What online casino will I win at?”. And the answer? I don’t know. And I really don’t. Yes, I am an experienced player who has played (tested) at I’d say more than 300 online casinos, but I still can’t answer your question.

Why? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is location. Top online casinos I trust and enjoy playing at might not accept players from your country. The second is location again. Even if my top casinos do accept players from your country, their servers might be too far away from you for smooth gaming experience. Third, bonuses that work for me, might not be of your liking. People are different and it’s the same with bonuses. I personally prefer my top online casinos to offer me something more than just a great bonus on my first deposit. But for some, this is all they want, a 200% or more welcome bonus and nothing else after that. I could go on with everything that comes to my mind when I try to answer a question about top casinos, but luckily there is no need because a friend of mine is doing all the hard work for me and you.

And the top online casinos of the year are

If you haven’t already heard of iReview you really should visit their page. In short, it’s an online directory with many different casino reviews that focus on bonuses, players safety, available deposit and withdraw methods, available games and a lot more. They categorize each reviewed casino by location, available bonuses, used software, available languages and currencies, … and the sites clean design makes it easy to navigate on computers or mobile devices. You will find new, trusted and licensed casinos in no time with a little help from iReview.

So there is finally a place I can send all the people to in the future when asked about top online casinos.

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