Casino bonuses offered by various casino brands

Casino bonuses offered by various casino brands

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We have various casino brands in the market that are competing with each other. Every brand wants to attract customers and new players. It has become a billion dollar industry today and millions of players join each day. The casino companies offers various attractive offers and bonuses to attract new players. This is basically a way to get more and more leads or sign ups. Casino bonuses are basically some free stuff which is provided to every new player who joins for the first time or sign up for the first time. Some of the bonuses that are offered by the casino brands are described below and what they mean.

FREE SPINS: One of the popular bonus among the latest casino bonuses is free spins as the name says are the no of the free spins which a player receives when he signups for the casino brand. However free spins are also provided to registered members too on weekly or monthly basis depending upon the policies of the company. The total number of free spins also varies from brand to brand. Some companies may offer 10 free spins, other may offer 20 free spins. So one should read the policies clearly before signing up.

NO DEPOSIT BONUS: No deposit bonus is also one of the most popular bonus type. Mostly all the casino brands offer this kind of bonus. A new player when sign up he receives some bonus from the casino brand to play at initial level. This way player do not have to spend his real money. And if he wins he can take away real money with him without spending any money. Though there may be slight variations in the offer depending upon the company rules.

REGISTERATION BONUS: Some casino brands also provide registration bonus. Here the company adds the same amount to the player’s account which he deposits for the first time. If he deposits 20$, the company will also reward him with 20$. So he now has 40$ to play.

REFER A FRIEND: Some casino brands will reward with a good amount if you refer a friend and he signups for that casino brand. Some companies pay you a fixed amount and some pay you a percentage depending upon what was his first deposit or some other factors decided by the company.

SPECIAL BONUS: There are some special bonuses which differ from brand to brand and here they give some bonuses on special occasions like Christmas bonus, Halloween bonus etc. to its registered players to keep them happy too.

So, all companies provide bonuses out there. Choose the best brand and secured brands rather than their lucrative bonuses.

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